Proactive IT

A proactive IT partnership with our team of experts takes the hassle out of using the IT you count on each and every day.

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Take your IT and computer technology strategy to the next level with all inclusive, long-term IT consulting.

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Get the most out of your business IT technology with reliable cloud services that provide maximum uptime.

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Improve patient care and maintain compliance with technology designed with your practice in mind.

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Tailor-made Managed IT Services

Bluwater Technologies Inc. provides the specialized Managed IT Services that can help you achieve your business goals.

Our Network Services are designed, created, and implemented according to your unique business processes, you can get back to what you love – running your company.

With a budget-friendly service plan from Bluwater Technologies, you can:

  • Increase productivity – with more time to get work done
  • Concentrate on your core business – while we handle all of your technology needs
  • Get the most out of your business technology – with technology that grows as your business grows
  • Defend your business resources – we make sure your data and network are secure
  • Attain true peace of mind – knowing your technology is in competent hands

Bluwater Technologies has the Managed IT Services that can help strengthen your business to get ahead of the game, with service and support at an affordable rate.

Servicing businesses in South Florida, Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach County.

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Business Solutions

  • Back Up Your Data
    Back Up Your Data to Secure Your Business
    A common paradox in technology security is the trade-off between convenience and security. The best password is a random 40-digit alphanumeric string, but no one’s going to remember it. The more locks on your front door, the more secure it may be, but chances are...
  • Small Businesses
    How IT Slips Through the Cracks in Most Small Businesses
    Large corporations often have entire departments dedicated to IT, network security, and compliance, but small businesses can’t afford that luxury. But if you don’t have a dedicated IT staff or support through another company, some IT concerns can slip through the cracks and end up...
  • Better Internet Performance
    Computer Tips: How Can You Get A Better Internet Performance?
    If you are running a small business that does not have a great internet connection, you probably shake your head every day at how long it takes for a website’s page to load. No one likes waiting a significant amount of time for any type...
  • Update Drivers
    Computer Tip of the Day: How to Update Drivers
    Has your Windows computer ever restarted itself due to an error? As Windows updates continuously change your system, incompatible drivers are a primary source of blue screen errors. There are many ways to update drivers, some of which are better than others. What not to...
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