Back Up Your Data to Secure Your Business

A common paradox in technology security is the trade-off between convenience and security. The best password is a random 40-digit alphanumeric string, but no one’s going to remember it. The more locks on your front door, the more secure it may be, but chances are most people won’t lock all of them every time they leave. Instead, the best compromise between convenience and security is automation: making every step to secure information automatic so it’s safe 24/7 without you having to manually make it so. And one of the best ways to automate your stored information is through cloud back-up. Learn how to back up your data.

Back Up Your Data

What is cloud back-up for servers?

Typically, small to medium businesses would store information on local hardware; whether an office would store a server or two in an office closet near the IT department or you store your business’s information on a work computer, that would typically mean depending on one copy of the information. But this could spell disaster due to a hardware failure, a power outage that damages the device, a virus, or even just an inexplicable case of data corruption. In order to securely but conveniently store an up-to-date backup of your business’s information, you can instead use online backup which sends your information to an off-site server where it is secured and maintained by a third party.

What are the benefits of using Bluwater Technologies’s cloud backup?

The best type of data backup is automatic. Whether you schedule it to be daily, weekly, or monthly, knowing that your business data is being saved whether you remember to save it or not can be a huge weight off your mind. Losing customer contact information, financial records, and working project files can be a huge blow to your business. The risk of having them taken from you through a virus or malware is even worse, and Bluwater works to make sure your data, both onsite and offsite, is secured.

Cloud backup for servers isn’t the only benefit of using Bluwater Technologies for IT support. If you want to learn more about our services and the elements of the best cloud backup for servers, browse our site here.

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