How IT Slips Through the Cracks in Most Small Businesses

Large corporations often have entire departments dedicated to IT, network security, and compliance, but small businesses can’t afford that luxury. But if you don’t have a dedicated IT staff or support through another company, some IT concerns can slip through the cracks and end up causing your small business time and money later on. Here are some of the top concerns a small business can face without an IT plan in place:

Small Businesses

  • Poor network security. When you have your customers’ and your employees’ personal information on your computer, malware is your biggest threat. Whether it’s through an everyday virus, a dedicated attack, or even just a systemic bug that comes in through your business software, you need more than just an anti-virus program in order to secure your data.
  • Cyclical problems. If you own a personal computer, you’ve probably noticed an occasion blue screen and a message that your computer has to reboot, and most of us just let that happen instead of rooting out the underlying cause. But when it comes to your business hardware, signs of some technological slowdowns and forced reboots now are signs of a coming crash later. Without an IT support team, those and even less visible errors could lead to slower processing, an occasional day or two with the system down, or, worst of all, complete loss of information.

Having a small business lets you innovate and change course faster than with a larger corporation, but a small staff means IT can slip through the cracks. If you’re looking for an affordable solution, try an IT support team that can find those bugs and systemic errors before they block up your business. If you want to learn more about different types of IT services to see what best fits your business and what Bluwater Technologies can do for your company, browse our site here.

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