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5 Security Questions to Ask Your Team:

The more that technologies advance, more cyber attacks are committed against businesses of all sizes and in all fields of work. Your business is no exception. As you rely more on the internet and on machines to store data, information, and other sensitive material, you need to be aware of the cybersecurity threats that exist to your company.

While this threat may seem overwhelming and daunting, the risks to your company are indeed manageable ones. When you are talking to your IT team, whether they are workers your company hired or from outside IT firm, the following are 5 questions that you should be asking these professionals to understand what your business’s risk and cybersecurity situation:

  1. How is our company’s top leadership informed about cyber risks to our company? Your IT department must communicate with the rest of the company on the risks that the company has for being the victim of a cyber attack. Understanding the current risks and what the IT department is doing to mitigate those risks is vital to keeping your company’s information safe. Ultimately, the CEO is the ones responsible for any “risks” that are present for his or her company. They must be informed in order to make smart decisions about how the company’s information can be best protected.
  2. What is the present business impact of cybersecurity risks to our company and how do we plan to address these risks? The CEO and the other top company executives must understand the cybersecurity risks that their company faces. They should also be informed of what the IT professionals that work for the company are doing to mitigate these risks and keep the company information safe. Knowing this information and constantly communicating updates related to this information can keep anyone from making poor decisions if panic ever does strike.
  3. Does our cybersecurity program implement the best and latest practices that keep up with the industry standards? The CEO and other top company executives should be kept up-to-date on the industry standards in cybersecurity and how their company’s practices stack up against those standards. If the company is not up-to-date on the industry standards, then they must know what the plan is from the IT department to get the company there. Being up-to-date on industry standards for cybersecurity is vital to keeping your company’s information safe as possible from people who would do you harm if they got ahold of that information.
  4. What cybersecurity threats does your IT department identify each week? The CEO and the other top company officials should be kept up to date on what the latest cybersecurity threats facing their company is. Ideally, these updates are given on at least a weekly basis. Updates should include recent threats and what has been done to limit those threats and what new threats have popped up (if any) and what is being done to handle those threats as well.
  5. How far-reaching is our cyber incident response plan? How often do we test it?Despite your IT department’s best attempts to keep your company’s information safe, if something such as a data breach were to happen, what would the response be? It’s important to for the CEO and higher-ups in the company to understand what will be done if such a security breach happened. Once the plan is explained to the higher-ups, they should be informed of how often the plan is tested to ensure that it is thorough and effective.

These are 5 questions that you should be asking your IT company to ensure that your business is as safe from cybersecurity threats as possible. Actively having a plan in place to protect your company’s information is key to keeping your business from being a target of any sort of cybersecurity threat. Moreover, having a plan in case your company is the target of an attack is also a vital piece of your company’s plan to keep your information safe. Despite your best intentions, cybersecurity breaches can happen and how you react can help control the extent of how much more severe you make the problem by performing rash actions in the event of a cyber attack.

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