More Than Meets the Eye

The Internet as we know it today has revolutionized the way people interact with one another and how society gets along. Most people by this point cannot imagine life without having some form of internet access. Whether it be recreational, social interactions or business/work-related activity, the internet is an integral part of most persons’ lives.  

However, there’s more than meets the eye to this vast database of information that we call the internet. Some may or may not have heard of the “deep internet” or “dark internet”. 

Whatever the case, there are three primary parts of the internet. The”clear internet”, which is comprised of websites and data that can be found via search engines such as Yahoo, Google, or Bing, is the most common part of the internet. The “deep internet” is composed of all data and websites not residing on the clear internet. The last and third part of the internet is called the “dark internet”, which is actually a subset of the deep internet.

Out of the internet as a whole, this third domain is where most of the illegal activity of the entire internet takes place, although not all activity done through the dark internet is illegal. Use of the special software is required for accessing this third part of the internet. 

Within the clear internet, for the average internet user, most if not all tasks required to have an internet connection can be done. Since the early days of the internet, moving into the advent of search engines such as Google, internet users have grown to be more dependent on the internet in general in which the internet has proven to be extremely effective for getting day-to-day tasks done.

Although the deep internet does not require special software to use all of it, it can be advantageous knowing the differences between the three primary parts of the internet, and how to use them.

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