Finding Technology Solutions to Suit Your Individual Business Needs Shouldn’t Be Frustrating

Outsourcing the day-to-day management, maintenance and support of your business IT to Bluwater Technologies will ensure the efficiency of the technology your business relies on. Here’s how:

1. FREE TRIAL* – We don’t expect anyone to just buy into our services based on our marketing or sales team. Ultimately, you have to make a tough business decision about a very serious relationship that will help shape the future of your company. We understand and respect the gravity of that decision. Give us a try, we set aside several hours a week for potential clients to work with our help desk team and experience what it’s like to move from a question to a solution.

Our goal isn’t just to satisfy the issue, it’s to give you hands-on experience with our operation.

2. We DELIVER or it’s FREE!* So many of our clients that were unhappy with their former IT solutions say the same thing: after months of troubleshooting they still experience the same issues. Time and time again it comes down to a critical component of the network, whether it is the Internet Service Provider, on-premise equipment or unauthorized employee usage not diagnosed by our competitors. We pride ourselves on finding a strong, reliable network solution that keeps your business running so well you forget you have to “deal” with technology.

3. VALUE. The crux of our message. Our services can generate a 5-10% growth in productivity over previous fiscal years based on down time experienced by clients prior to our contract*. In addition, our large scale and ubiquitous partnerships ensure you gain the best value for any technologies solutions you require.

We match you to your specifications every time, or we switch you a provider that CAN deliver what you need.

4. ACCOUNTABILITY. SO many of our competitors claim to take a proactive approach to their services but when it comes time to deliver and devices on your network start to break, you hear the generic “your computer/server is old and needs to be replaced” excuse. We thoroughly document the pro-active work we put into your technology so when something DOES go wrong, you know without a doubt it’s an anomaly and not a direct result of our ineptitude. Reports can be generated periodically to show you exactly what has gone into maintaining your systems and your network even if you haven’t submitted a problem.

Rest assured, even when you aren’t calling us every day, you are getting your money’s worth for our services.

5. PASSION. Behind a great set of tools and systems stands a dedicated, passionate team of engineers and technicians. We love to work together, constantly sharing what we learn. This team-oriented philosophy allows us to grow technically at a significantly faster rate. And because we work in an ever-changing industry, sometimes experience can be superseded by work ethic and positive attitudes. Fortunately we stock plenty of both!

6. SERVICE. Our help desk prides itself on genuine customer interactions. We believe that our relationship with our clients should always be warm and honest – and we promise to tell you what is going on in a language you can understand!

* Restrictions apply. Please review our terms of service for details.

Try us today.