Computer Tip of the Day: Is Your Computer Hacked?

a computer screen with many words on it

Having a hacked computer can be a business’ worst nightmare. When that does happen, it’s important to take actions as soon as possible. Early detection can ultimately save your money, identity, and time. In this computer tip of the day, we we show you signs to look for if you suspect your network’s security has been compromised.

Strange Hacked programs

If you see unfamiliar software suddenly appearing on your computer, it is best to be wary. Chances are, you probably installed these unknowingly when you tried to set up another program. Even if they came with legitimate programs, they could still be dangerous to have around.

Fake antivirus messages

It is very common for hackers to pop up messages on your computer to announce that you suddenly have viruses. Their goal is to convince you to buy their security software, at which point your credit card and personal information will be stolen. Any time you spot warnings that are not from your trusted antivirus programs, take precautions immediately.

Hacked Cursor movement

Problems in your mouse can cause the screen cursor to move around randomly, which should not be alarming. However, if you notice your cursor performing actions without your control (such as clicking on and successfully opening programs), it is likely that someone else is using the computer. Hackers typically try to do this as sneakily as possible and at times when you are likely not there, such as in the middle of the night. This makes it easier for them to then break into other computers in the network and steal sensitive information.

Random toolbars

As with programs being installed on your computer, you probably agreed to installation of strange toolbars for your browser as you set up another software. Besides toolbars, hackers can make other changes to your browser such as setting a new homepage or default search engine. Be wary if you suddenly see your browser being configured without your knowledge.

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3 Common Office Wiring Mistakes to Avoid When Running Network Cable

a group of multicolored ethernet cables sitting next to each other

Wiring your office for a new network cable is an expensive task. It can also be a frustrating experience if not done correctly the first time.

These are three of the most common mistakes companies make when installing their office wiring.

  1. Skimping on Wire Maintenance – Wire maintenance devices such as a ladder rack or wire rack system are often seen as added, unnecessary expenses when a small business is setting up a network. Yes, these systems are a bit more pricey. However, they will save you headaches down the road should you ever need to upgrade your system or troubleshoot a problem.
  2. Running data cable parallel to electrical wiring – If you are building a new office or remodeling an existing space, it may be tempting to run your data cable along with the electrical cables in the walls. After all, the holes are already drilled, right? Wrong. Data cable is an unshielded cable. The magnetic field in the data cable is disrupted by the current in the electrical lines. If you must cross the two, intersect at a perpendicular angle.
  3. Not preparing for the future – Most of the cost involved in having a company come in and set up a network for your office lies in the labor. As opposed to the materials. Take a good look at your business plan. Then, have the company wire your office for where you will be ten years from now. Doing the extra wiring now will cost a bit more. However, it will be a lot less expensive than having a company come back in ten years. Then, try to tap into your existing system and fish new wires.

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