You vs. the Hackers – Small Business Security

You vs. the Hackers - Small Business Security

Large business data breaches such as last year’s Equifax hack always make headlines, but small and medium-sized businesses are also vulnerable to data hacks unless they put thoughtful security measures in place.  Even smaller businesses typically hold private information about their employees such as SSN, date of birth, family members, and other private information that hackers love.  Other private data such as email addresses, credit card and banking information, and

How to Keep Your Business’s Mobile Devices More Secure

How to Keep Your Business's Mobile Devices More Secure

Security is both an online and physical concerns, even for mobile devices. More and more employees have laptops, tablets, and phones for their business tasks, and this is even truer for small businesses. If you’re worried about how secure your company’s devices are, here’s how to cover both angles. What’s the physical threat to mobile devices’ security? Phones get stolen. They also get lost. No matter how vigilant your employees

Cyber Security Tips – Is Your IT Support Company Looking out for You?

Cyber Security Tips - Is Your IT Support Company Looking out for You?

An effective IT support company possesses the knowledge and expertise required to design a comprehensive security strategy for their clients.  If you want to protect your organization from the increasing threat of all the various cyber attacks, it is essential to select an IT support organization that always stays vigilant.  In turn, their vigilance allows your organization to conduct its daily operations safely and securely.  In this post, we will

3 Reasons to Automate Computer Security

3 Reasons to Automate Computer Security

Protecting your network and business data is usually a constant struggle between convenience and security, especially when it comes to manual behaviors. The best tool you have against that is automation, and a managed IT support services can provide precisely that. Here are three ways automation can keep your systems more secure: You can automate requirements for employees to change their passwords every 90 days. Even the best passwords occasionally need