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Many companies that provide managed IT services offer fixed fee IT support. With fixed fee support, a company takes care of managing and maintaining your IT infrastructure for your business. You pay a set fee regularly that covers all services. The approach can save money and keep your technology up-to-date and functional.

What Does it Offer?

Fixed fee IT services cover the acquiring, maintenance, security, and support of the hardware and software for your business. It can include purchasing servers and computers plus setting up and administering a network. The company buys software for you and keeps it updated. You can get backup services when desired along with cloud options. Companies offer technical support either over the phone or on-site for no additional cost.

How Would my Business Benefit?

With one fixed fee based on various factors, your business has access to the latest technology and software. It is scalable and upgradable to include more users and devices as your company grows. Fixed fee IT support takes care of monitoring the daily operation of your infrastructure. It also works with your business to plan upgrades and maintenance. In the case of technology failure or disasters, your system gets restored at no extra cost.

How is it Priced?

Companies price fixed fee IT support in different ways. Usually, they charge a monthly or quarterly fee based on the number of users or the scale of your infrastructure. This fixed fee covers all your IT needs during that period. If something breaks, the company provides support during the period for which you have paid the fixed fee. This prevents surprise high expenses that could occur during this time.

What are Other Options?

While some providers offer fixed fee managed services, there are reasons to go with other types of managed services. Paying a provider a variable fee based on the amount of service they provide at a given time may save money. Depending on your business’s needs, unlimited support for a given period may not be worth the extra cost.

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