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As companies become more dependent upon technology to help grow their business, they also typically require some type of technological expertise to help them make the most of emerging hardware and software tools. Many smaller businesses find that a managed services provider is the optimal choice for them. An MSP provides the technological know-how a growing business needs while allowing them to avoid investing significant amounts of overhead that are often associated with adding an entire technology department.

Local, Proactive, and Available

Once a business decides to hire a managed services provider, there are several key factors they should consider as they are evaluating each potential partner. As always, it’s important to have an idea of what a company needs in terms of hardware, services, and support before signing the all-important service contract.

A reliable MSP provider is available 24/7/365. They are also a local provider which means a business can rest assured that if they need immediate assistance, they won’t have to “wait until Monday” or for someone to arrive from out of town. An effective managed services provider will also make it easier for employees to get answers from tech support so they can go back to doing what they do best, which is providing outstanding service for their own clients.

An effective managed services provider is also proactive in its approach to all its clients. Rather than waiting for an issue to arise, a good MSP will monitor and evaluate a client’s processes, ensuring that potential problems are resolved before they become an issue.

Comprehensive Coverage

The ideal MSP will not only be continually available, but they will also offer a comprehensive package that includes:

  • Daily backups.
  • Cloud services.
  • Security monitoring and testing.
  • Disaster recovery planning.

Complete coverage means not only managing day-to-day questions and issues, but also means proactively providing services in order to avoid security threats, as well as properly protecting and managing vital IT hardware and services in the event of a disaster.

Comprehensive coverage also means a managed service provider can assist in the selection of third-party technology vendors, using their own expertise to determine which vendors have the technology tools that will best meet the needs of their clients. When a small business is ready to sit down for yearly budgeting and planning, an MSP can help its clients plan for the future, both in terms of what technology they will need to support their operations, as well as advice on how to manage IT costs and improve efficiency.


As a managed services provider, we understand that smaller businesses are just as interested in taking advantage of all the latest technologies as larger businesses but may not be ready or have the necessary expertise to add their own technology department. Our services can provide the bridge a company needs in order to have access to on-demand and reliable technology services that help support and grow their business.

If you would like more information on the technological services we can provide for your small business, please contact us.

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