Small Business Needs a VPN

Chances are your employees won’t always be in the office when they’re working. Even if they are, laptops and mobile devices free people up to work in small groups or in the break room if they need to meet up with someone they don’t sit next to. You small business needs a VPN. Make sure your internet connection is secured and your business’s information is kept private by using a VPN to create a secure encryption.

What are the benefits of using a VPN?

  1. VPNs let employees access information remotely and securely. VPNs, or Virtual Private Networks, are like firewalls and data encryption software for traditional networks. But if your employees are working from home or accessing data from a hotel room across the country, you can’t vouch for the security of the Internet connection and who might be reading the data. But a VPN works through a proxy server and encrypts both ingoing and outgoing information, no matter where someone is or what network connection they’re using.
  2. VPNs are good for business growth. Not only do third parties and clients expect you to have a VPN, they can help you organize business growth itself. VPNs are more standardized than your in-house connection might be, so working through a VPN  better allows interconnection between different offices and business sites.
  3. VPNs can act as a step in two-step sign-in to improve security. Data security is one of the most important tenets of business, and secure log-ins are one of the key facets to enforce good security. By making information inaccessible for remote users unless they go through your VPN client, you’re making good security a habitual step.

VPNs are one of the best ways to increase computer security. No small business can flourish with a hardline Internet connection, so make your employees mobile with a secured, encrypted connection. For more security tips and IT support, go to Bluwater Technologies here.

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