Cyber Security Tips – Is Your IT Support Company Looking out for You?

cyber security tips is your it support company looking out for you

An effective IT support company possesses the knowledge and expertise required to design a comprehensive security strategy for their clients.  If you want to protect your organization from the increasing threat of all the various cyber attacks, it is essential to select an IT support organization that always stays vigilant.  In turn, their vigilance allows your organization to conduct its daily operations safely and securely.  In this post, we will outline 7 points to review, in order to ensure your support team is supporting you.

  1. Evaluating Hiring Procedures – Most companies are surprised to learn that insiders are responsible for 60% of cyber attacks.  A professional IT support company will recommend background checks and other tips to their clients as part of their hiring procedures.
  2. Educating Staff – A good IT support team will ensure your staff is properly trained in overall cyber security measures, including how to spot data breaches and how to handle them when they first occur.
  3. Secure Hardware – Hardware devices such as laptops and other mobile devices like smart phones and tablets are always at risk for theft, loss or damage.  A comprehensive security plan will include how to protect all these types of devices.
  4. Password Protection – A good security plan will educate employees on the importance of password protection and a good support team will put measures into place to ensure employees adhere to a company’s password policy.
  5. Data Protection Plan – Your support company should provide clear steps on how they plan to protect your company’s data.  Regular software updates and backup and recovery procedures are just some of the points a comprehensive plan will cover.
  6. Cloud Service Evaluation – A solid security plan will encompass any cloud services your company uses as well as on-site technology.  Measures for securing cloud data, backing it up and recovery are just as important for cloud data as it is for on-site data.
  7. Encouraging Two-Factor Authentication – More and more companies are moving toward authentication that requires access to a separate device and authentication code before a user can gain log-in privileges to cloud data.

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3 Reasons to Automate Computer Security

3 reasons to automate computer security

Protecting your network and business data is usually a constant struggle between convenience and security, especially when it comes to manual behaviors. The best tool you have against that is automation, and a managed IT support services can provide precisely that. Here are three ways automation can keep your systems more secure:

  • You can automate requirements for employees to change their passwords every 90 days. Even the best passwords occasionally need to be changed. Even though we all know this, it’s far too easy to just keep using the same passwords, even across multiple portals. Request that your IT representative automates password changes every so often, and see if they can add a feature that prevents the recycling of old passwords.
  • Get malware prevention software that protects all aspects of your system. Free and most inexpensive security software is missing key areas of protection in order to persuade customers to use a premium version. But a managed IT service can use programs that automatically screen everything from websites to network connections to even internal and external email attachments.
  • Automatically track your licenses. Most programs are becoming subscription-based, which means each of your employees gets an individual door into the protected sites. Ask your IT company about the best ways to automate tracking for licenses (or ask if they handle user accounts) so you don’t leave former employee’s with access and don’t pay for inactive licenses you may have forgotten about.

Automation is the key to progressing faster and faster. The less time you have to devote to tracking the details of administration and IT, the more time you can spend on your business goals. 

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