Your Employees are the Biggest Threat to Your IT Infrastructure

One of the biggest threats to any company’s IT infrastructure, albeit an unintentional threat, is that company’s employees. It isn’t all that uncommon for a company’s employees to end up accidentally helping out criminals or compromising the company’s IT security just by doing what they consider to be completely normal activities.

When employees use their devices to access a company network so they can check their email, download files, etc. then their device may end up getting infected by a virus or malware or get hacked. When this happens then the company’s data can end up getting compromised in addition to just that employee’s personal data. Of course, there is also the risk that they may lose these devices and hackers or other criminals will then have access to that employee’s credentials which they can then use to break into your network.

What Can You Do About It?

  • Provide your employees with additional training so that they are capable of identifying potential security risks and acting accordingly.
  • Make sure that you have established a clear and consistent set of policies that relate to password management, use of personal devices, data sharing and internet access.
  • If you don’t have a clear reason to allow it, then it may be in your best interests to ban the use of personal devices on your business’s network in order to minimize this risk.
  • Install a wide variety of different security mechanisms, both hardware, and software, to ensure that you are more easily able to identify when your network is being accessed and to confirm that the person accessing it is authorized so that you can identify and address potential security breaches before they become a problem.

IT security is a critical portion of any business and when you let employees access your network, you are trusting them to be responsible with the data they can access. If you are going to give them access to this data then perhaps you should first make sure they are responsible enough to handle it.

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