Do You Know How to Copy More than One Document at a Time?

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Copying a document is simplicity in itself. You can simply either:

  1. Right click and select the word “copy” when it appears to copy the file and right click to choose “paste” when you have accessed the file where you want it to be, or
  2. Hit the Control key plus C to copy, and the Control key plus V to make it appear in the file you want. But what if you want to copy multiple files?

Learn how to copy more than one document with our computer tip of the day.

Copy More than One Document

There are several different ways to do this.

First, do you want to copy all the documents in a given file? Open the file and hit Control plus A to select all the files. Then, perform one of the two methods above.

Or, you may want to select a bunch of documents that are next to each other, but not every single one in the file. Simply click the first document you want to copy. Then depress the Shift key and click the last document of your selection. The first, last, and everything in between will be selected.

After they are selected, perform one of the two methods in the first paragraph. Finally, if you simply want to copy more than one, but they aren’t next to each other, there’s a simple method.

Click the first document you want to copy. Then hold the Control key down while you click the others. Then copy the ones you’ve selected. Paste them. Voila, and presto.

This is one of those moves that’s easy to forget if you don’t do it very often. But it’s simple and easy to remember if you keep this info in a handy place.

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Computer Tip of the Day: How to Remove Adware from Your Computer

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Are you experiencing annoying pop-up ads on your computer? These ads, which appear on your desktop home or on your internet browsers, are caused by adware. Adware will show you unwanted ads when you browse the internet, sometimes even modifying web pages to display their ads and links. Learn how to remove adware.

remove adware

Adware is extremely annoying and usually gets installed on your computer when you unknowingly download it together with a legit program. This is known as bundled downloads (where unwanted programs are bundled together with good programs).

To remove the adware, you first need to check for any unknown programs on your computer. Go to your control panel and look at your list of installed programs. Check your recently installed programs and see if any of them seem to be the cause of the problem. Uninstall the programs that you don’t want.

You may not recognize which programs are causing the damage, so your next step should be to scan your computer for adware. Malwarebytes has software called AdwCleaner, which will scan your files for adware and remove it if found.

Next, you want to make sure that you don’t have any other malicious programs or malware on your PC. Install an anti-malware program and scan your computer for malware. Anti-malware programs are different than anti-virus programs, and you should have both of them installed on your PC. Malwarebytes and Hitman Pro are two of the most popular anti-malware programs out there. You can also use the Zemana Anti-Malware Portable to scan for browser hijackers and automatically remove them.

Lastly, you can reset your browser settings if you’re still experiencing problems.

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