6 Reasons Why You Need Managed Services in Fort Lauderdale

6 reasons why you need managed services in fort lauderdale

The need for managed services has never been more critical as innovation in the business world is continually on the rise. A managed IT services provider based in Fort Lauderdale helps your South Florida business to mitigate natural disasters like hurricanes and keep up with the pace of the advancing technology and enhance your business’ efficiency.

Are you unsure if Managed Services are correct for your business?

Here are six reasons why you might want to reconsider:

1. Minimized Downtime and Increased Productivity

A managed IT service provider helps you to avoid system shutdown and failures, thereby reducing the time spent on making complex IT decisions. When these technology-related frustrations are minimized, your team is able to focus on their work, which in turn guarantees your company a higher level of productivity.

2. Improved Compliance and Security

As technology continues to advance, cyber-criminals are also continuing to invent new malicious attack methods, which puts businesses at a high risk of data breaches. A managed service provider will help protect your business from such attacks and offer quick solutions if one happens. They are also able to supplement additional protocols, procedures, and policies to ensure compliance.

3. High-Level Support on Up-to-the-Minute Technology

One of the benefits of constant system management and monitoring is that you can rely on the most current IT systems at no financial risk or extra costs. Additionally, as a result of their many years of experience, quality managed service providers are able to implement new IT systems within a short time, thereby saving you money and time.

4. Good Return on Business and Cost Effectiveness

Employing the services of a managed IT service provider is a cost-saving investment as it helps to control outgoing expenses, which in turn enhances return on investment.  A managed service provider is able to achieve this by minimizing hardware costs, keeping systems updated, providing expert knowledge, and sustaining high levels of security.

5. Access to a Wide Range of Solutions

Over time, your business needs various solutions such as customer relationship management software (CRM) and accounting software solutions to handle multiple individual needs that keep on rising. With accounting solutions, it becomes easy to monitor taxes, vendors, and financial information. CRM helps to gather greater business visibility through campaigns, notes, and surveys. Managed service providers are able to provide these solutions, which results in a more secure data controlled system that helps your company to manage both customer and business information.

6. Regular Maintenance

A managed IT service provider offers a proactive approach to maintenance, which rids you of the worries about dependability and network speed solutions. They are always on standby to detect any potential vulnerabilities, disturbances, and threats and then fix them as quickly as possible.

The Bottom Line

As technology continues to transform the world of business, there is a need for you to streamline your business’ IT operations. Hiring a qualified managed services provider saves you money, time, frustrations, and, more importantly, enhances your business’ productivity.

Are you worried about how to secure the best managed IT services provider in Fort Lauderdale? Worry no more! Bluwater Technologies, a WheelHouse IT company, has got you covered. Contact us today and see the difference.

Outsourcing IT Functions Reduces Costs and Increases Productivity

Outsourcing IT Functions Reduces Costs and Increases Productivity

The  ‘Forbes Technology Council’  reminds business owners to ask the right questions before making their next IT purchase: Is that hardware, program or application “vital, a luxury or redundant?”

Forbes: The under-capitalized SMB faces IT challenges

In general, larger companies have the financial where-with-all to maintain an in-house IT department, leaving the under-capitalized SMB-owner in a “struggle to stay afloat” during a downturn. 

“Lack of expertise” behind many IT expenditures

Keeping up with the changes in technology can impact IT expenditures. Worst case is not knowing just how the purchase will ultimately help their business succeed. 

Consequently, decision-makers can be “overwhelmed with choices,” and an overall  “lack of expertise.”  

Budgets consume business-critical systems

In fact, according to a recent Deloitte ‘Tech Trends’ report, it is not unusual for IT expenditures to consume “as much as 70%” of the budget just to keep “business-critical systems” up and running. 

Cheaper storage, cloud, and outsourcing have lowered…budgetary outlay(s) by 20 percent or more. Yet in an era of perpetually tight IT budgets, finding ways to redirect financial and human assets from operations to innovation remains a top…goal.

Forbes favors IT outsourcing

Forbes recommends ‘outsourcing’ IT functions to help remedy cash-flow problems, or issues stemming from a business downturn. By offloading some, or all, of their IT operations to an experienced, MSP business owners benefit by having more time to run their business. 

Ultimately, using a  managed service provider (MSP) like BluWater Technology can not only reduce IT costs but can also add that next level of expertise to your operations. Ultimately, this leads to a “win-win scenario of saving time and money” while “improving team productivity.”

To find out how your business can operate more efficiently by using our MSP services contact us.  We help improve bottom-lines by assigning fixed costs to some—or all—of a companies’ IT expenditures.

4 Tips for Being More Productive With Chromebooks

4 tips for being more productive with chromebooks

Although the Chromebook is not nearly as powerful and not nearly as widespread as Windows or Mac machines are, it is still a worthy competitor.

More and more people, including schools and businesses, are using Chromebooks and are benefiting from their lightweight style, quick startup, and simplicity. Here are four tips for using Chromebooks for work and for being more productive while doing so.

Use Android Apps

The newer Chromebooks come pre-installed with Google Play, and some older Chromebooks can get it through an update. There are many Android apps that you can use to increase your productivity. Until now, you only had Google Docs to write in. Now you can download the Microsoft Word app or an alternative like WPS Office. You can also download useful apps such as Evernote, Skype for Business, and even Metatrader 4.

Use Offline

Although Chromebooks are primarily designed to be used with an internet connection, they can definitely be used offline as well. Google Docs can be made to sync offline so that you can use it without wifi and have all changes synced when you get back online. You can also sync your Google Drive storage to be used offline. And again, Android apps will come in handy offline as well.

Split Screens

Chromebooks usually have smaller screens, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have more than one window open at once. You can resize windows just as you can on Windows devices. You can drag tabs to open them in a new window if you need to compare two things side by side. Apps can be opened over Chrome. Pro tip: To quickly split a window so that it appears only on the right hand or left hand of the screen, click Alt + [ or Alt + ].

Use Voice Typing

Getting carpal tunnel syndrome? Google Docs has a voice typing feature that lets you speak into a microphone and have your voice converted into text. Of course, make sure to proofread your work.

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3 Web Apps Your Business Can Use Right Now For Better Productivity

3 web apps your business can use right now for better productivity

If you have a PC, laptop, or smartphone, their are a ton of web apps that can make your life easier and more pleasant.

web apps

Here are 3 great web apps for our computer tip of the day.

  1. Mint is a free app that lets you keep track of expenditures. It helps you stick to a budget or to track expenditures in certain categories. Mint will provide you a graph of how much you’ve spent vis-à-vis income for a given month, and send reminders when you are approaching the top end of a budget category. It can be set up to synchronize with a checking account, or amounts can be entered manually.
  2. Want to watch the latest from your favorite TV show or the election results on your schedule and not on the network’s schedule? Google Cast and you can do it. Google Cast, a free app, needs to be used with a smart TV and a piece of hardware, called a dongle and available at most places that sell computer software. The dongle is inserted into the television. Then, the Google Cast app will stream anything you want to watch from a PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet to your television screen. The advantage is that so much is available to stream, and you no longer need to watch any show at the time the networks decide.
  3. As families and friends become increasingly far-flung, it’s great to be able to talk to everybody live, as it were. Using Skype for Business you can chat and see how everybody’s doing physically as well as by voice.

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