Cloud Servers vs. Dedicated Servers: What’s a Better Fit For Your Business?

Cloud Servers

With everything moving online through SaaS like Oracle, Taleo, and Salesforce, data backup is becoming a less and less unfamiliar idea. Many companies have employees that telecommute or sell software in the field, and having established networks so people can securely access information from anywhere is becoming more and more business critical. So one of the few remaining questions is: should your business store data on cloud servers or dedicated servers?

Benefits of Cloud Servers

Data is increasingly compact even as available storage grows exponentially beyond what experts thought possible even a decade ago. All of your business’s client information, employee files, and financial records will most likely take up less than a whole server or storage array, so you shouldn’t have to pay for one. Cloud servers let your company use whatever percentage of a server you need to run your business, and they even take into account dips and surges in what you need during your business’s busy season. Backup as a service also means your data is managed by a third-party company and you can access your data in a managed virtual environment that’s easy to read and search.

Benefits of Dedicated Servers

Sometimes businesses aren’t allowed to use cloud-based servers due to stringent security requirements and classified information, and they need to store company information on dedicated servers that are physically isolated and protected. Megacorporations with dedicated IT departments and highly predictable usage might also benefit from using dedicated servers. But if you have a small or growing company, managing your own data without the flexibility of the cloud for spikes or idle periods can be costly.

Cloud-based backup is quick, cost-effective, and grows with your business during its ups and downs. Start getting the data backup that fits your business in minutes with Bluwater Technologies’s back up solutions here.

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