Outsourcing IT Functions Reduces Costs and Increases Productivity

Outsourcing IT Functions Reduces Costs and Increases Productivity

The  ‘Forbes Technology Council’  reminds business owners to ask the right questions before making their next IT purchase: Is that hardware, program or application “vital, a luxury or redundant?”

Forbes: The under-capitalized SMB faces IT challenges

In general, larger companies have the financial where-with-all to maintain an in-house IT department, leaving the under-capitalized SMB-owner in a “struggle to stay afloat” during a downturn. 

“Lack of expertise” behind many IT expenditures

Keeping up with the changes in technology can impact IT expenditures. Worst case is not knowing just how the purchase will ultimately help their business succeed. 

Consequently, decision-makers can be “overwhelmed with choices,” and an overall  “lack of expertise.”  

Budgets consume business-critical systems

In fact, according to a recent Deloitte ‘Tech Trends’ report, it is not unusual for IT expenditures to consume “as much as 70%” of the budget just to keep “business-critical systems” up and running. 

Cheaper storage, cloud, and outsourcing have lowered…budgetary outlay(s) by 20 percent or more. Yet in an era of perpetually tight IT budgets, finding ways to redirect financial and human assets from operations to innovation remains a top…goal.

Forbes favors IT outsourcing

Forbes recommends ‘outsourcing’ IT functions to help remedy cash-flow problems, or issues stemming from a business downturn. By offloading some, or all, of their IT operations to an experienced, MSP business owners benefit by having more time to run their business. 

Ultimately, using a  managed service provider (MSP) like BluWater Technology can not only reduce IT costs but can also add that next level of expertise to your operations. Ultimately, this leads to a “win-win scenario of saving time and money” while “improving team productivity.”

To find out how your business can operate more efficiently by using our MSP services contact us.  We help improve bottom-lines by assigning fixed costs to some—or all—of a companies’ IT expenditures.

How Managed Services Can Provide Peace of Mind

Technology has become an integral part of the business in the modern era. Tracking shipments, inventory, sales, personnel hours, and countless other aspects of the business are now synonymous with a wide a variety of systems and software.

Managing these resources can be difficult, however. Many companies and businesses don’t have the means or resources to set up and manage their own infrastructure. So what are managed services and how do they fill this role?

The Technology Services Industry Association breaks down managed services into five distinct categories that customers may need.


A lot of time companies will purchase solutions marketed to their needs, but can have a wide-variety of difficulty operating it once it’s installed. From performance issues to unexpected behaviors and crashes, without a dedicated IT team even the smallest of issues can be difficult to isolate and resolve. The monitoring part of managed services is just what it sounds like. Watching systems to make sure everything is running smoothly. If there are issues they contact you and let you know what’s happening, however, this basic service may not extend to troubleshooting and resolving the issue.


Here’s where the hands get dirty. When businesses opt to have a managed service provider operate their system they not only monitor it, but take charge and fix the issue when things go wrong. The managed service provider becomes your safety net. Making sure everything is running smoothly and saving the day when disaster strikes is the most important part of this essential function.


Technology is now a rapidly evolving machine and optimization is the service that makes sure the business stays on top. By assessing current needs and the best solutions available, many managed service providers are now advising their customers on the solutions that are right for them. Maybe, you won’t need the latest and greatest out there, but by actively having a consultant keep you informed it makes sure you don’t miss out on vital opportunities to improve your technological solutions.


This is an extension of optimize and can fill a vital function in any business. Your managed service provider actively monitors the latest and greatest trends and technological solutions that can benefit your business. They help apprise you of changes and trends, and then implement them seamlessly into your business. This helps you focus on what you do best while maintaining the most up-to-date and powerful hardware and software that suits your needs.

Managed XaaS/Cloud

While not right for every business, there are a lot of cloud-based solutions and an almost infinite number of software and hardware options for almost any need. More and more businesses are turning to the Anything as a Service(XaaS) and cloud service solutions to help them expand, grow, and collaborate in new and effective ways. Managed service providers are happily filling this role, combining it with the rest of the services offered to provide an endless stream of solutions to best suit you and your businesses needs.

Think you could benefit from a Managed Service Provider?

Please contact us so we can help see what solutions we can offer to help you and your business reach your potential!

Computer Tip: How to Disable Automatic Updates In Windows 10

computer tip how to disable automatic updates in windows 10

One of the new features of Windows 10 is that it automatically updates itself, and there is no real way to turn it off in the Home version. Although updating your Windows system is crucial to stay safe in the cyber world, there are times when automatic updates aren’t wanted. For example, if you have work to finish at a certain deadline, you don’t want to have to sit through an update and reboot. It’s also bad if you have a limited or slow internet connection and you want to wait until you get to a quicker internet connection before you update. Here’s how to get around and disable automatic updates feature.

disable automatic updates

Set Your Network as Metered

Cellular networks and mobile hotspots are automatically set as metered, but you can set any Wifi connection as metered. Metered connections won’t download updates automatically. Go to your Wifi settings, click on Manage Known Networks, choose your network and click on Properties to do this.

Change Reboot Hours

If you go to your Updates settings, you can set hours when Windows won’t automatically restart. Just set the hours that it should restart, which can be at night. However, your computer will have to be powered on then for the update to install, and it also won’t stop the update from downloading during your non-active hours — it just won’t reboot then.

Show Or Hide Updates Tool

There is a show or hide updates troubleshooting tool that you can download from the Microsoft website. Using this tool, you can set certain updates to be hidden. Hidden system or driver updates won’t be downloaded automatically.

For more computer help, just contact us!

Keep Your Business Running Smoothly with IT Support

keep your business running smoothly with it support

We’ve all been there. A computer crashes, you aren’t able to establish a network connection or the “wireless” printer you purchased doesn’t seem to work without the cord. Not every business has the need, or the budget, to employ a full-time IT staff member. However, at one time or another, every business does need assistance or support for an IT issue or to make some technological advancements that will benefit their business. Here are some tips to keep your business running smoothly.

Business Running Smoothly

At Bluwater Technologies we offer a wide variety of support services for your small business. Whether you run a Mobile Nursing Service or a busy Law Firm, we are able to customize services that allow you to focus on what you do best – run your company.

From General Consulting to Office Moves/Setup to Cloud Backup and Storage, there are likely IT issues you have not yet considered that may be a benefit to your operations. Our helpful and knowledgeable staff will connect with you, at your convenience, to discover which services you need and how they will enhance your efforts to help your business run smoothly.

With an online chat feature along with accessibility via phone, email or support tickets, it is quick and easy to reach your technician at Bluewater Technologies. We understand the importance of being reachable quickly, especially when something is malfunctioning or causing a disruption in your operations. Our round-the-clock availability, coupled with pay structures customized to your specific needs, makes having IT Services accessible for any company.

Give us a call today or visit our Why Bluwater page to learn more about the benefits of working with our amazing team of professionals!

Learn More About Windows Safe Mode: Our Computer Tip Of The Day

learn more about windows safe mode our computer tip of the day

In this computer tip of the day, we will talk about Windows Safe Mode. Have you ever had a problem removing a software driver? What about a software application that was stubborn to remove? This is where Windows Safe Mode comes in. Safe Mode will allow you to easily diagnose and fix computer problems that normal Windows will not.

Windows Safe Mode

What is Windows Safe Mode?

Safe Mode is a bare minimum version of Windows that you can boot into. It will load the bare minimum set of drivers and files to allow you to have more control in fixing your computer. In other words, all programs that usually start with your computer will be disabled.

How do I use Windows Safe Mode?

Using Windows safe mode is easy. Just reboot your computer and press the F8 key a few times. You should be presented with a boot menu. This menu may vary between different computers, and in most cases you will be given the following options.

  • Safe Mode
  • Safe Mode with networking
  • Safe Mode with command prompt

To select an option, use your up and down arrow keys. Then all you have to do is press the enter key. We recommend using the “Safe Mode with networking” option. You’ll see lots of text scrolling across your screen as your computer boots up. This is totally normal, and soon you will be greeted with your Windows login screen.

We hope our computer tips are useful to you. If your computer is being stubborn and you need help, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Bluwater Technologies will be here any time you need computer help.