a disaster recovery plan begins with a risk assessment

Forbes in a recent overview of business emergency/contingency plans, challenged stakeholders with this question “Is your business prepared for the worst?”

Prepare for ‘Disaster Recovery’

For companies operating without a written Disaster Recovery or Business Continuity Plan (BCP), a disruption caused by hardware failures, building fire or flooding can greatly impact efforts to promptly resuming ‘business as usual.

While such strategies may be more commonplace in big business, DR plans are often overlooked by smaller companies. Unfortunately, without a written plan in place a small—or even temporary—disruption can delay recovery.

Getting operational quickly and efficiently requires the strategic planning and foresight of a BCP (Disaster Recovery Plan)…to improve responsiveness by the organization, minimize confusion, and ensure clear decisions are made during a time of crisis.

Getting the C-Level Suite On-board!

Today, more companies are creating DR plans to make sure their operations return to full operational-mode quickly. Notably, and in what could be a clarion call to begin the process, IT folks are turning more-and-more to their ‘C-level’ stakeholders for the ultimate buy-in. As Information Age noted: 

It is therefore vital that IT leaders effectively communicate the latent threats to the ‘C-Suite’ – the top executives at that organisation – to successfully address the weaknesses that may exist and be fully prepared to respond when they happen.

The ‘Business Impact Analysis’

The first step toward establishing a DR plan is to audit the company’s vulnerable assets. This ‘Risk Assessment’ ( ‘Business Impact Analysis‘) generally will include the network’s hardware, all programs, and applications critical to maintaining the business.

Most importantly, the plan should assign specific roles for team members; also, who would have the go-ahead to spend if equipment needs replacement. Moreover, everyone should be on board with the assigned authority throughout the recovery process.

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