cnbc small businesses get tech savvy

‘Costs’ are not the only obstacle keeping a lot of small-business owners from embracing new tech—including outsourcing their IT services to a managed provider. 

According to CNBC, the pushback also stems from the lack of time the SMB owner has to allocate to technical issues. Yet, companies realize the critical need for new technologies to be competitive in the marketplace.

“‘Even with cost and time being a factor, many small businesses have little choice but to embrace the trend…streamlined technology is all but a necessity in modern-day commerce.'”

Salesforce survey: Over half of SMBs desire new tech.

What’s more, data from Salesforce indicates that SMBs (53 percent) would like to implement new technology in their businesses, but turn away because “it can be expensive,” or they have ongoing concerns about cybersecurity.  

Balancing ‘innovation and risk management.”

Nonetheless, as ‘The CIO Advisor’ notes, companies know full well that positive outcomes are possible with the right balance of “innovation and risk management.” 

Moreover, while many company stakeholders may think their existing network is providing the scalability they need right now, the question still remains: Is it optimized for the future…and capable of detecting and acting on future threats?

Forbes: MSP deliver cost savings and security tech.

According to a 2019 Forbes article, SMBs may not be in a position to migrate all their services to a managed IT service, but can benefit when choosing an “a-la-carte” plan; furthermore, using an MSP  can lead to cost savings and a more secure network. Added benefits include “improving team productivity.” 

Cyber attacks: An inconvenient truth…

Alarmingly, as Forbes notes, “over 40% of cyber-attacks are targeted at SMBs. Those affected, according to a recent study, never recover totally and are “generally out of business within six months.”

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