Forbes: Does Your MSP Have Your Back?

forbes does your msp have your back

While small businesses, like their larger counterparts, need end-to-end services to keep them running smoothly—file sharing, software, and security as a service to cloud backups—less-experienced MSPs may simply be riding the cloud surge to keep their doors open.

As the Forbes Technology Council notes:

“…so many MSPs are newbies and/or are opportunistically hanging out where the action appears to be. It appears that the accent today is more on “provider” and less on “service.” A fair number of MSPs have taken to selling the cloud — a “best of times” development at first blush.” 

Sizing up your MSP…

Aside from basic services, does your MSP stand ready to do the really heavy lifting in times of Disaster Recovery, or handling hybrid installs with your latest SaaS applications?

SMB owners often place their networks ‘at risk’ on many fronts when timely security updates are shuffled to the bottom of their to-do-lists. What’s more, just attempting to keep ahead of the latest IT developments can translate quickly to poor productivity in light of ever-changing market conditions.

Vetting your MSP…

Make sure you’ve made a list of questions to ask your potential candidate. including:

  • Do they offer more than off-the-shelf, basic services—can they tailor services to your specific needs?
  • How many years in the business?
  • Staffing: Level of engineering experience?
  • Is the service level agreement fit your needs? Penalties for not meeting requirements

Ask the tough questions….

A ‘biggie’ is making sure the MSP is SSAE (Standards for Attestation Engagements) compliant, offering 14-day retention, for example, with its managed backups, as well as “application-level protection, advanced monitoring, and multilevel intrusion prevention, SSL capability, hardware firewall, and IP-restricted FTP.”

BluWater Technology can offer your company levels of expertise tailored to your growing needs. Contact us to learn how our services can help your business run more efficiently: we improve bottom lines by bringing ‘fixed costs’ to your operation’s IT expenditures.

Outsourcing IT Functions Reduces Costs and Increases Productivity

Outsourcing IT Functions Reduces Costs and Increases Productivity

The  ‘Forbes Technology Council’  reminds business owners to ask the right questions before making their next IT purchase: Is that hardware, program or application “vital, a luxury or redundant?”

Forbes: The under-capitalized SMB faces IT challenges

In general, larger companies have the financial where-with-all to maintain an in-house IT department, leaving the under-capitalized SMB-owner in a “struggle to stay afloat” during a downturn. 

“Lack of expertise” behind many IT expenditures

Keeping up with the changes in technology can impact IT expenditures. Worst case is not knowing just how the purchase will ultimately help their business succeed. 

Consequently, decision-makers can be “overwhelmed with choices,” and an overall  “lack of expertise.”  

Budgets consume business-critical systems

In fact, according to a recent Deloitte ‘Tech Trends’ report, it is not unusual for IT expenditures to consume “as much as 70%” of the budget just to keep “business-critical systems” up and running. 

Cheaper storage, cloud, and outsourcing have lowered…budgetary outlay(s) by 20 percent or more. Yet in an era of perpetually tight IT budgets, finding ways to redirect financial and human assets from operations to innovation remains a top…goal.

Forbes favors IT outsourcing

Forbes recommends ‘outsourcing’ IT functions to help remedy cash-flow problems, or issues stemming from a business downturn. By offloading some, or all, of their IT operations to an experienced, MSP business owners benefit by having more time to run their business. 

Ultimately, using a  managed service provider (MSP) like BluWater Technology can not only reduce IT costs but can also add that next level of expertise to your operations. Ultimately, this leads to a “win-win scenario of saving time and money” while “improving team productivity.”

To find out how your business can operate more efficiently by using our MSP services contact us.  We help improve bottom-lines by assigning fixed costs to some—or all—of a companies’ IT expenditures.

CNBC: Small Businesses Get ‘Tech-Savvy’

cnbc small businesses get tech savvy

‘Costs’ are not the only obstacle keeping a lot of small-business owners from embracing new technologies—including outsourcing their IT services to a managed provider. 

According to CNBC, the pushback also stems from the lack of time the SMB-owner has to allocate to technical issues. Yet, companies realize the critical need for new technologies to be competitive in the marketplace.

“‘Even with cost and time being a factor, many small businesses have little choice but to embrace the trend…streamlined technology is all but a necessity in modern-day commerce.'”

Salesforce survey: Over half of SMBs desire new technologies.

What’s more, data from Salesforce indicates that SMBs (53 percent) would like to implement new technology in their businesses, but turn away because “it can be expensive,” or they have ongoing concerns about cybersecurity.  

Balancing ‘innovation and risk management.”

Nonetheless, as ‘The CIO Advisor’ notes, companies know full well that positive outcomes are possible with the right balance of “innovation and risk management.” 

Moreover, while many company stakeholders may think their existing network is providing the scalability they need right now, the question still remains: Is it optimized for the future…and capable of detecting and acting on future threats?

Forbes: MSP deliver cost savings and security.

According to a 2019 Forbes article, SMBs may not be in a position to migrate all their services to a managed IT service, but can benefit when choosing an “a-la-carte” plan; furthermore, using an MSP  can lead to cost savings and a more secure network. Added benefits include “improving team productivity.” 

Cyber attacks: An inconvenient truth…

Alarmingly, as Forbes notes, “over 40% of cyber-attacks are targeted at SMBs. Those affected, according to a recent study, never recover totally and are “generally out of business within six months.”

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