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Data replication and data backup may sound like ballpark terms to one another, but the difference is very distinct. Knowing the difference between replication and backup can help you make smarter choices when deciding the best choice of action for your data. 

Data backup can be seen as an old-school method of data and is not interchangeable with replication. Here are the main differences when it comes down to making sure that data is secure:

What is Data Backup, and Do People Still Use It?

If you’re wondering if businesses still use data backup, then yes! Though older hardware like floppy disks and USB sticks are being slowly replaced, they still exist to store data. Previously, this hardware would be used to hold copies of data backed up from an original source. Data backups typically occur once per night in most businesses. This is because backing up the data takes resources on the server, a big reason replication has seen such an increase in businesses today.

Backups use an “image” of the file it is copying, essentially a snapshot of the data at that exact moment.

Nowadays, server technology has largely helped to take over that role. Data can now be stored on servers, rather than relying on the use of single hardware for data storage and copying. 

What is Data Replication, and Is it Really Better?

Data replication is a way to immediately duplicate files onto the server and share them with others in the business. It does this by copying data from one server database to another. A more extreme version of data replication, in which the entire database is stored at every site, can also be achieved through full replication. As you may imagine, this is an impractical feat that data backup cannot achieve. 

Data replication helps businesses by improving file availability in large quantities. Thus, employees may all view the same file without the need for external things like USB sticks for data.

Professional Data Solutions for Businesses

Modern times have proven data replication to be an excellent way for businesses to communicate and save data. Without a third-party risk of losing hardware. Choosing a trusted IT team to organize, backup, and recover the data in your business is a critical area of every business’s anatomy.

If you have a business looking for tailor-made Managed IT Services to streamline productivity, trust Bluwater Technologies for the expert service you’re looking for.

Feel free to contact us or call us at (954) 713-2532.

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