Economic Use of Funds


Deciding which types of computers and software to purchase for a business environment is a painstaking task but does not have to be tedious. Understanding what is available is probably half the battle of figuring out what is best-suited for a budget and business’ needs. For example, there is fancy (relatively expensive) computer hardware that can be purchased for a business and there is less-than-fancy (less expensive) hardware that can be purchased for a business that can do just as good of a job as the fancy.

Apple products and various other manufacturers are commonly compared with much hype being placed on Apple products. While some may argue that the more expensive equipment is “better”, that does not necessarily mean that it objectively does a better job. Furthermore, the specific task that the computer is being used for must be considered — there’s no need to buy an expensive computer if all one needs it for is simple printing jobs.

Computer software is very much like computer hardware in that there are relatively expensive software products that accomplish a specific goal needed by the user, yet less expensive and less hyped software can accomplish the same goal. Microsoft Word is a good example of this. Microsoft Word is a type of “word processor” software that allows typing and editing documents. Although Microsoft Word is a good product, there is actually free word processor software that can be downloaded from the internet and installed without much hassle — it accomplishes the same goal as the more expensive and hyped counterpart. A couple examples of free word processor software that can be downloaded from the internet are Open Office and Kingsoft Office.  

As one can see, a little knowledge of what’s available can light the way to help maintain a company’s budget.

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