Prevent Security Breaches

There have been many unfortunate incidents of hackers stealing customer and employee information, such as social security numbers, credit card numbers, checking account numbers, and other highly-sensitive information. Data security is not something that should be taken lightly; you should never assume that your business will not become the target of a breach.

Hackers have become very sophisticated, and many of them will tend to find the weak link in a business’s security features. It can be extremely difficult to access a business network through the various firewalls and other barriers, but many businesses will still have their data breached because hackers will find access to the system through a weak link.

What can you do to prevent breaches from occurring in your business?

Use A Risk Assessment

What kind of sensitive information is being used in your business? Once you take the time to evaluate the different types of sensitive information, you will gain a better understanding of what information will likely be targeted by hackers. The information that you feel is most vulnerable should be at the top of the list of data to secure first.

Encrypt Your Data

Do you have encryption software installed on all the computers in the office? Do you have encryption software installed on your workplace’s mobile devices and USB drives? Not only should you use data encryption, but you should also make sure all devices and important accounts are being secured with passwords.

Revisit Your Security Policy

When some data breaches occur, it is due to what is taking place on the inside. Only the employees you trust the most with sensitive data should have access to it. If it is not necessary for a particular employee to have access to sensitive data he or she should not be able to easily access it. We encourage you to have a data privacy policy that will lay down the rules for accessing sensitive data. Any paper documents you have in the office should be secured so they cannot be easily accessed by unwanted hands and unwanted eyes.

Security is a constant struggle because there is always someone who is looking for any weak links and vulnerabilities. Do you want to reduce the chance of your business becoming a target of a security breach? Contact us today for more information.

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