Good IT Support

Your business depends on a good network 24/7. Not only do employees have more and more varied schedules (especially if you have employees scattered across the country or around the globe), but your website is a 24/7 store. Any outages or data corruption isn’t just costing you money, it’s eating into your revenue. But good IT support prevents most problems before they start instead of fixing something after it breaks.

What Should You Expect from Good IT Support?

The first thing you should expect is a mindset shift. Good IT support is proactive instead of reactive; its goal is to keep your tech running smoothly instead of making money when something goes wrong. Here’s how they do it:

Regular Security Testing and Monitoring

IT support companies have a resource that their individual clients don’t: a wide pool of network systems that need monitoring. That means IT companies have access to and can afford the enterprise-level security software that monitors every network separately 24/7. It tracks downloads, software patches, cookies, and everything that goes into and out of your network connection. Most of the software you can buy on an individual company basis won’t be as effective. They also have employees ready to respond to each alert and indication of a potential problem.

Proactive Maintenance

Managed IT support is structurally better than traditional companies. Most companies get paid when they solve a problem. That means they have little incentive to build strong protections, catch problems ahead of time, or offer preventative advice.

This doesn’t mean IT professionals can’t be trusted; it means the incentive structure was in the way of a good business relationship, but managed IT support services have an incentive to prevent problems before they’re a problem. They get paid the same monthly subscription price even if they have to pour hours into fixing a problem, so they have as much incentive to keep your network strong and in good condition as you do.

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