Managed IT Support

It can be hard to know where a small business is going to go over the course of a year. But if you have limited funds, or you have investors who want a reliable plan on how their money is going to be used and how their investments will turn into profit, then you need to minimize surprises. One of the best ways to do that is to keep your expenses consistent, and you can do that with third-party services.

Monthly fees are better on the books than irregular, high-priced fixes.

Every company needs some version of IT support. Whether it’s a dedicated employee that you have on staff, a company you can turn to when your network goes out, or a subscription-based support plan, it’s a vital protection for both companies that have online stores and companies and that just online systems to support a physical store. But of all the available models, managed IT support subscriptions are the best for your long-term finances because you can predict the costs accurately.

Each month has the same fee for the same degree of network success. On-staff experts are expensive, both because security and network experts come with a hefty price tag and are a human resource that costs more than just the salary price to employ, and paying for individual outages adds up.

Why should you pay a monthly fee if your network seems fine now?

Good service providers do more than maintain the status quo. They monitor your network for burgeoning outages so your website never crashes, they implement updates and help you manage the technological side of employee turnover, and they fix problems that crop up without extra fees. Downtime isn’t just an expense, it’s lost revenue.

Contact Bluwater Technologies for more ways an IT support service can help keep your expenses predictable and your business growth consistent.

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