The 3 Top Advantages of Managed Services

a man sitting in front of a computer monitor

In the world of small business, your main leverage comes from your ability to cost effectively outsource. If you do not have an in-house IT staff, then managed services add to your security and stability while leaving room in the budget for doing actual business. Here are the three top advantages of hiring managed services.

A Team for the Price of One

You can hire one in-house general IT staff member or an entire team of third-party specialists for the same price. Actually, you pay less for the team, because you are not paying overtime, health insurance or administration costs. Which do you choose?

Paying for Off Hours

Hiring full-time staff means eating some downtime that you will have to pay for. People on salary slack off from time to time; this is just par for the course. Why pay for expensive IT services that you do not need? Emergencies do not occur every day, and outsourcing managed IT services ensures that you only pay for what you use.

Focused Efforts

Outsourcing your IT to a specialized team of managers ensures that you can focus your in-house staff on the tasks at hand. Contrary to what many people believe, wearing five hats is not always the best business strategy for small business owners and employees. There is something in specialization, and outsourcing IT allows more of it to occur in-house.

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