Minimize Cloud Migration Failure

The process of moving a small to medium-sized business to the cloud is unique for every organization.  However, there are some time-tested principles companies can embrace in order to minimize cloud migration failure and resolve issues as quickly as possible.  Companies who are flexible enough to bend, or expect the unexpected typically are more successful in their migration to the cloud than those who have an inflexible “win/lose” outlook.

Minimize Cloud Migration Failure

Resist the Desire to Micro-Manage

Those responsible for your technology solutions should have already been scrutinized for their expertise.  Trust the hiring decision you made in the first place and let them manage the project.  There is nothing wrong with a final meeting to review the process, but your technology provider should not need much more than a sign-off signature from you.

Be Proactive

Your tech team should have a comprehensive, organized plan to address potential problems before they happen.  They are experts at brainstorming for “what if” scenarios and how to address them should they occur, and that is why you hired them.

Adaptation is Key, not Blame

Some companies focus on finding someone one to blame when something invariably goes wrong in the plan, rather than focusing on finding solutions.  Don’t be that company.  Instead focus on creating the kind of environment where value is placed on creative problem resolution rather than pointing fingers.  Users wants access to their technology resources as quickly as possible, not gossip about who made a mistake.

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