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Computer terminology can be confusing, especially for those who have not worked with computers very much. There is an advantage to knowing your computer. When computers break down, it can save time and money to have an understanding of their individual components. This is due to the fact that a technician might not have to be paid to resolve the problems. Research on the internet can be done to find solutions to computer problems using the names of computer parts as keywords in an internet search.

Sometimes knowing the parts of a computer isn’t enough. It helps to learn how to interpret error messages and error codes that a computer spits out. Computer error code details can usually be searched on the internet to learn more about what the error code means.


When troubleshooting a computer regardless of whether it’s a desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone, 8 separate parts should be kept in mind. That is a power supply, hard drive, RAM, CPU, motherboard, keyboard, mouse, and screen. This is necessary because if one does not know the difference it will be more difficult to obtain help on free computer-help forums. Additionally, to search keywords on the internet in general.

For example, the display that allows one to see data stored on a computer is called the monitor or screen. When an error code is displayed on the screen, it would cause confusion to say, “My hard drive is giving me a certain error code,” or, “My screen has a computer virus.” It’s a common issue that the different parts of a computer are confused. The recommended terminology is to say, “My screen is displaying an error code”. Also giving specific details of the error code. Although the source of the problem might originate with the computer’s hard drive, the error code for that will typically be displayed on the screen.

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