The Pitfalls of Asking Just Anyone for IT Advice

The Pitfalls of Asking Just Anyone for IT Advice

Would you trust a neighbor to fix your car instead of bringing it to a certified mechanic? What about a friend to splint a broken leg rather than taking a trip to your doctor? We all have “know a guy, who knows a guy,” but when it comes to protecting critical data and technology systems it’s best to leave the IT work to the pros. 

Consider our Top 3 Excuses and Top 3 Reasons To Stick with Managed It Services.

Short Term Costs vs. Long Term Productivity

“But it’s cheaper!” 

It’s no coincidence that many businesses have turned to investing in high quality data storage, cutting edge virus protection, and worry free compliance services. Emerging technology helps companies succeed. Communication management systems — or CMS — are designed to streamline interdepartmental processes and better manage client data. Many businesses under utilize the technology available to them.

This is where local IT consultants come to the rescue. A technology professional can identify areas where system processes aren’t operating with maximum efficiency and offer solutions to maximize outputs. This ultimately generates greater, lasting revenue and happy clients. 

Security Done Right

“All IT services are the same anyway.”

Not all IT services are created equal. In 2018, Tech Republic reported that a whopping 40% of security breaches were caused by employee error and negligence. When it comes to securing confidential information and sensitive data, hosted technology services provide knowledgeable management and guidance as well as company wide training. Reducing the potential liability a data breach can cause allows you and your employees to sleep a little easier at night.

DIY Fails

“I could do this myself.”

Don’t let yourself, or your company, be fooled by these famous last words! While we love the spirit of innovation and willingness to learn, technology is not the best place to DIY solutions. Leaving the tech to a trusted professional ensures the job will be done right the first time.

From network support to upgrading your office space, Bluwater Technologies has you covered! Contact our IT superheroes to get started on a managed tech service that’s right for your Fort Lauderdale business.