The Pitfalls of Asking Just Anyone for IT Advice

the pitfalls of asking just anyone for it advice

Would you trust a neighbor to fix your car instead of bringing it to a certified mechanic? What about a friend to splint a broken leg rather than taking a trip to your doctor? We all have “know a guy who knows a guy,” but when it comes to protecting critical data and technology systems it’s best to leave the IT advice to the pros. 

Consider our Top 3 Excuses and Top 3 Reasons To Stick with Managed It Services.

Short-Term Costs vs. Long-Term Productivity

“But it’s cheaper!” 

It’s no coincidence that many businesses have turned to investing in high-quality data storage, cutting-edge virus protection, and worry-free compliance services. Emerging technology helps companies succeed. Communication management systems — or CMS — are designed to streamline interdepartmental processes and better manage client data. However, many businesses underutilize the technology available to them.

This is where local IT consultants come to the rescue. Technology professionals can identify areas where system processes aren’t operating with maximum efficiency and offer IT advice to maximize outputs. This ultimately generates greater, lasting revenue and happy clients. 

Security Done Right

“All IT services are the same anyway.”

Not all IT services are created equal. In 2018, Tech Republic reported that a whopping 40% of security breaches were caused by employee error and negligence. When it comes to securing confidential and sensitive data, hosted technology services provide knowledgeable management and guidance as well as company-wide training. Thus, reducing the potential liability a data breach can cause allows you and your employees to sleep a little easier at night.

DIY Fails

“I could do this myself.”

Don’t let yourself, or your company, be fooled by these famous last words! While we love the spirit of innovation and willingness to learn, technology is not the best place for DIY solutions. Furthermore, leaving the tech to a trusted professional ensures the job will be done right the first time.

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Welcome to the World of the New 5G Phones

Welcome to the World of the New 5G Phones. upgrading

Welcome to the world of new 5G phones, expected to greet the masses in the United States by 2023. 5G phones, also known as fifth-generation cell phones, aim to raise the quality of service as well as expand the range of service by 2023.

5G technology will improve data and communication speeds for both the average consumer and automated services. The new and exciting 5G technology will also increase accessibility with affordable prices and an expanded service range. 

Welcome to the World of New 5G Phones

The 3rd Generation Partnership project that organized the third generation (3G) roll-out in 1998 is developing the industry standards for the fifth generation, which are outlined in a document known as Release 15, or REL-15. These standards will allow vendors and companies to conduct complex tests with more advanced equipment. 

These changes will also bring about far faster data and communication services. Users can expect reduced lag times for cloud data as well as video streaming, such as Netflix. However, these improved speeds aren’t solely for the benefit of consumers. Software services, such as automated text messages, are another driving force behind these upgraded rates. 

5G will have three various service classes, tailored to specific business and consumer needs.

  1. Enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB) will provide service speeds of close to 1GBps in densely populated areas, such as cities and metropolitan areas. 
  2. Massive Machine Type Communications (mMTC) will encourage Internet of Things (IoT) and machine-to-machine (M2M) applications, without clogging up servers for the everyday consumer. 
  3. Ultra-Reliable and Low Latency Communications (URLLC) edge-to-edge computing and critical computing where bandwidth is not as much of a concern. This is crucial in vehicles on the road, where delayed reaction times can lead to severe injuries or death in an accident. 

The new and exciting world of 5G phones will improve speeds, expand the range of these services, and implement three specific service classes tailored for the needs of different users and areas.

The future is just around the corner, with a third of the United States predicted to have fifth-generation cellular technology in their purses and pockets by 2023. 

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The Deep Internet: More Than Meets the Eye

the internet more than meets the eye

The Internet as we know it today has revolutionized the way people interact with one another and how society gets along. Most people by this point cannot imagine life without having some form of internet access. Whether it be recreational, social interactions, or business/work-related activity, the internet is an integral part of most persons’ lives. However, there’s more than meets the eye to this vast database of information that we call the internet. Some may or may not have heard of the “deep internet” or “dark internet”. 

Whatever the case, there are three primary parts of the internet. The “clear internet”, which is comprised of websites and data that can be found via search engines such as Yahoo, Google, or Bing, is the most common part of the internet. The “deep internet” is composed of all data and websites not residing on the clear internet. The last and third part of the internet is called the “dark internet”, which is a subset of the deep internet.

How do people access it?

Outside of the internet as a whole, this third domain is where most of the illegal activity of the entire internet takes place. Although not all activity done through the dark internet is illegal. Use of special software is required for accessing this third part of the internet. 

Within the clear internet, for the average internet user, most tasks required to have an internet connection can be done. Since the early days of the internet, moving into the advent of search engines such as Google, internet users have grown to be more dependent on the internet in general. The internet has also proven to be extremely effective for getting day-to-day tasks done.

The deep internet does not require special software to use all of it. However, it can be advantageous to know the differences between the three primary parts of the internet. Additionally, how to use them.

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Clean Your Cache!

clean your cache

Has your favorite browser been running slow lately? Not loading pages? Not updating the web-based application you use daily? Popping up errors when you try to input data in an online form?

All of these issues can be caused by a lack of maintenance of your cache files.

What are Cache Files?

Think of cache files as copies of your activity online. Every website you go to leaves information on your hard drive — the current version of the page or web-based application, data you share or enter, log-in information and more — to make any subsequent return visit faster and more user-friendly.

Why Should I Clean My Cache?

Imagine your internet connection is a tube. Every time you go to a website, a brick is laid inside that tube. At first, there’s no issue and your internet continues to perform optimally. However, the more places you go, the more cache collects, until your access to the internet slows down to a trickle, causing pages and/or photos not to load, search engines to fail, and more.

Cleaning out your cache files on a regular basis will prevent such issues.

Do I Need a Professional?

In most cases, absolutely not. This is something you can easily do yourself! Each browser has a different process to clean out cache, though, so check out the links below for your preferred browser:

Like most people, you probably have more than one browser on your computer. You just have to perform this clean up in one browser to eliminate unnecessary cache.

What If My System is Already Slow?

Cleaning out your cache is the ideal first step forward. Once you’ve cleared everything out, close your browser and restart your system, as some files can linger after they’re removed in the browser and will only permanently disappear once you’ve done a restart. Then your internet experience should be smooth sailing.

Performing this maintenance on a routine schedule will keep your internet access flowing, your data safe and save space on your computer, making for a happy user experience.

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Tip of the Day: Tweaking Computers

tip of the day tweaking computers

Computers have changed a lot over the past decade. They are becoming more user-friendly and easier to manage. Newer computers such as smartphones and tablets aren’t as tweakable as older-style computers, nevertheless, all types can be tweaked in certain ways.

Many people don’t understand computers on a deep level and don’t have the time to learn about them. Throughout the workday of an average computer user, there is seldom time to search the internet for solutions to the little annoyances that creep up from computers; even if one can find the time to do so, search results can be vague and relatively useless. However, if the tips below are followed, one could minimize the frequency of those little annoyances that creep up:

Manage boot-time programs

Whether a newer or older-style computer is being used, there is almost always an option to prevent programs from running at boot time. Boot time is when a computer is powered on. When a program is installed on a computer, sometimes it’s automatically enabled to run as soon as the device is powered on. Learning how to disable programs from running at boot-time will help a computer to run faster. It can also help reduce conflicts on a computer overall.

Disable antivirus features

Again, for all types of computers, antivirus software can be overwhelming if not appropriately configured. Many antivirus features are automatically enabled after the software is installed. There could be too many features running within the software causing conflicts. Understanding antivirus software will help mitigate these issues. When installing software downloaded from the internet, great care should be taken. Regardless of what style of computer is being used.

Watch for malicious software

Usually, when a device gets infected with a computer virus, it’s because the software was downloaded from a malicious website set up by criminals. Software that initially looks good is commonly tainted with malicious software.

Add RAM memory

Lastly, no matter how much one pays for a new computer and how many great features it has, if it doesn’t come with sufficient RAM memory, one can count on a dull experience during use. Lack of RAM memory can cause sluggishness and various conflicts. Laptop and desktop computers’ RAM memory is generally easier to upgrade than smartphones’ and tablets’ RAM memory.

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