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Computers have changed a lot over the past decade. They are becoming more user-friendly and easier to manage. Newer computers such as smartphones and tablets aren’t as tweakable as older-style computers, nevertheless, all types can be tweaked in certain ways.

Many people don’t understand computers on a deep level and don’t have the time to learn about them. Throughout the workday of an average computer user, there is seldom time to search the internet for solutions to the little annoyances that creep up from computers; even if one can find the time to do so, search results can be vague and relatively useless. However, if the tips below are followed, one could minimize the frequency of those little annoyances that creep up:

Manage boot-time programs

Whether a newer or older-style computer is being used, there is almost always an option to prevent programs from running at boot time. Boot time is when a computer is powered on. When a program is installed on a computer, sometimes it’s automatically enabled to run as soon as the device is powered on. Learning how to disable programs from running at boot-time will help a computer to run faster. It can also help reduce conflicts on a computer overall.

Disable antivirus features

Again, for all types of computers, antivirus software can be overwhelming if not appropriately configured. Many antivirus features are automatically enabled after the software is installed. There could be too many features running within the software causing conflicts. Understanding antivirus software will help mitigate these issues. When installing software downloaded from the internet, great care should be taken. Regardless of what style of computer is being used.

Watch for malicious software

Usually, when a device gets infected with a computer virus, it’s because the software was downloaded from a malicious website set up by criminals. Software that initially looks good is commonly tainted with malicious software.

Add RAM memory

Lastly, no matter how much one pays for a new computer and how many great features it has, if it doesn’t come with sufficient RAM memory, one can count on a dull experience during use. Lack of RAM memory can cause sluggishness and various conflicts. Laptop and desktop computers’ RAM memory is generally easier to upgrade than smartphones’ and tablets’ RAM memory.

Please contact us for a consultation if assistance is needed with the tweaks suggested above.

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