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In this age of the internet, the world is entrenched in various types of threats targeting computer users. It seems inevitable that most people will be concerned to some degree about whether their personal information will be stolen. Then, used as an avenue by criminals to steal identities or directly steal money, to say the least. The powers that be have enacted laws and recommended precautions to mitigate the risk of falling victim to various types of computer fraud. However, while awareness of computer crimes has risen, complacency should not prevail. A proactive approach is generally recommended when dealing with the risk of falling victim to computer crimes. Thus, sometimes it’s easier to allow third parties to help with managed antivirus.

Common sense helps a great deal to avoid falling victim to computer crimes. However, installing and maintaining what is called an antivirus security suite can pick up any slack that a computer user might overlook. Sometimes, while carrying out their busy schedules, people can get tired. Thus, cut corners, and use computers for tasks that carry higher security risks. Furthermore and typically, many people do not have the time to research how to use their antivirus suites after purchasing them. Antivirus software installed on a computer can become a heavy burden on computer users not only because they’re not familiar with the basics of how the software works but also because, if not configured properly, can “slow” a computer down and make it run sluggishly. 

Managed Antivirus Services

As an alternative to computer users installing and managing antivirus software themselves, companies can be hired. They will install and manage the software on their behalf — this is a managed approach. This way, those desiring to use antivirus software can rest assured knowing that professionals are dealing with the situation. Additionally, using more of a proactive approach to protecting computers. Rather than waiting for a computer to be “hacked”, only then to take action. 

There are various types of antivirus solutions available and some of them come in a managed type of package. Please contact us if this type of approach is desirable and assistance is needed in determining a suitable approach to computer security.

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