Go Paperless – Save Money and Help the Environment

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It’s difficult to remember the days when all correspondence was either done through the mail or perhaps with a phone call. Of course, now it’s easy to send an unwanted message to the trash bin along with saving the important ones in a file folder, but that was not always the case. Although there have been significant increases in the use of electronic documentation rather than using paper, there is still room for improvement in many instances. Many organizations are capable of moving to the next level and going paperless in the office even more.

Paperless Offers Access On-The-Go

If some of your employees are still printing out documents so they can have them when they are on the go, it’s definitely time to consider using technologies such as Microsoft’s OneDrive or Google Drive so they can have access to important information anytime, anywhere.

Double-Side as Default

Sometimes documents do need to be printed, however, in many (most?) cases, it’s perfectly fine to have the documents printed on both sides of the paper. By setting all office printers to double-sided printing as the default, companies can likely decrease their paper usage by close to 50%.

Promote Paperless Awareness

Send an email to all your employees letting them know about the company-wide goal of reducing paper use. In addition, post a sign above the community printers asking employees to consider whether they truly need to print that email, or print all 10 copies of a document when 9 copies would suffice.

Make Recycling Easy

Invest in a paper shredder and encourage employees to use it. Shredding confidential documents as soon as possible reduces the chance of wandering eyes seeing information they shouldn’t, while quickly removing other excess paper makes it easier to keep office spaces clean and organized. When it comes time to remove the bags of shredded paper, most cleaning and garbage removal companies easily accommodate shredded paper designated for recycling.

Ask Your Paper Supplier

Ask your current office supply vendor if they offer recycled paper for office use. If they don’t, shop around until you find one that sells recycled paper at a reasonable cost.

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5 Ways to Maximize Your IT Budget

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Savvy companies understand that leveraging the latest technologies can keep them one, perhaps even several steps, ahead of the competition. The key is to select those technologies that are proven to provide the best return for one’s investment. In this post, we will outline 5 concepts every company will want to consider as they create a comprehensive IT budget that works best for them.

Hire the Experts

The old adage “a company is only as good as its people”, is certainly true when it comes to selecting the right IT professionals to work for a company. Whether an organization decides to hire IT staff that will work in-house, or whether they decide to outsource their IT department, investing in knowledgeable IT staff is a must.

Ensuring Proper Security

One of the ways in which companies can ensure they are hiring the right IT personnel is to determine whether or not these prospective professionals understand just how vital data security is to every single organization. Any prospective IT employee or organization should be the first to initiate a conversation about data security because yes, it’s that important.


Companies will also want to consider employing some of the many “Internet of Things” technologies that could be a smart addition to their budget. Some companies may have a greater need for IoT than others, but at minimum, every company that operates out of a physical building may want to take advantage of technologies such as:

  • Security sensors
  • Smart doors
  • Smart HVAC control sensors

Moving to the Cloud

Many companies find that moving their IT operations to the cloud is both cost-effective and provides greater flexibility to their employees, as the only thing they need to plug into corporate software is an internet connection. Companies can also easily scale up or scale down their cloud use to better match both their busy and slow seasons. This means paying only for what a company truly needs in terms of IT services.

Leverage Big Data

Being able to analyze and create an overall corporate picture from disparate bits of data can help companies see where they are doing well, and where they need to focus their attention in order to improve. Big data concepts can help organizations accomplish precisely this.

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Your Employees are the Biggest Threat to Your IT Infrastructure

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One of the biggest threats to any company’s IT infrastructure, albeit an unintentional threat, is the company’s employees. It isn’t all that uncommon for a company’s employees to end up accidentally helping out criminals or compromising the company’s IT security just by doing what they consider to be completely normal activities.

When employees use their devices to access a company network so they can check their email, download files, etc. then their device may end up getting infected by a virus or malware or get hacked. When this happens, then the company’s data can end up getting compromised in addition to just that employee’s personal data. Of course, there is also the risk that they may lose these devices, and hackers or other criminals will then have access to that employee’s credentials which they can then use to break into your network.

What Can You Do About It?

  • Provide your employees with additional training so that they are capable of identifying potential security risks and acting accordingly.
  • Make sure that you have established a clear and consistent set of policies. They should relate to password management, use of personal devices, data sharing and internet access.
  • If you don’t have a clear reason to allow it, then it may be in your best interests to ban the use of personal devices on your business’s network in order to minimize this risk.
  • Install a wide variety of different security mechanisms, both hardware and software. This ensures that you are easily able to identify when your network is being accessed. Additionally, confirm that the person accessing it is authorized. Therefore, you can identify and address potential security breaches before they become a problem.

IT security is a critical portion of any business. When you let employees access your network, you are trusting them to be responsible with the data they can access. If you are going to give them access to this data, you should make sure they are responsible enough.

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5G is About to Change How We Do Business…Maybe

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Technology is always moving forward, of course, but the roll-out of 5G mobile and data communication promises to introduce an exponential shift in how people live their lives, as well as how companies will operate their organizations.

Although in 2019 the roll-outs will be limited to some select larger cities, a more comprehensive roll-out is expected for 2020. Now is the ideal time for companies to learn more about this potentially exciting technology and consider how they might want to prepare for its eventual complete distribution.

Intranet Planning

5G technology promises to at least double the speed currently found in intranet communication. Rather than relying on large, distant cell towers for communication, 5G technology employs router-like nodes spread throughout an area. For large buildings, this means nodes strategically placed on all floors, transmitting high-frequency signals simply from floor to floor, thus greatly enhancing the rate of communication speeds within connected areas. 5G is also incredibly fast on its own. With its simultaneous upload and download capabilities, data movement goes far beyond old megabyte speeds, to ultrafast gigabyte speeds.

The Internet of Things

Interconnected devices and sensors will also be able to make good use of faster 5G speeds, potentially speeding up countless automated processes. For example, air travel will become safer and less prone to glitches that annoy passengers, as every system within the airframe will continually report its status, second by second.

Later Down the 5g Road

Delivery of goods that businesses use to make their own products will become more timely, as more and more traffic control and driving features are automated. 5G nodes will enhance your ability to route traffic more efficiently by quickly reporting on:

  • Traffic jams
  • Accidents
  • Weather Conditions
  • Traffic Signal Outages

Essentially all the unforeseen things slow down the movement of both products and people.

We Know The Secret To Hiring Great Employees

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At Bluwater Technologies, we understand employees are one of the most important assets of a company, especially when a company provides services that require a high level of commitment to corporate clients. We are dedicated to hiring employees who possess not only a high degree of technical skills and knowledge but who are effective problem solvers as well. By following a well-rounded evaluation assessment plan for each prospective employee, we are able to have an “extra edge” when it comes to hiring only those who are able to meet, as well as exceed customer expectations.

Beyond Skills

Of course, we recognize it is vitally important for any prospective employee to possess a high level of technical knowledge and skills in order to provide outstanding service to our clients. However, we go the extra mile by developing a profile of each prospective candidate in order to assess traits such as:

  • Their ability to work with a wide variety of client styles, 
  • Leadership skills, 
  • Communication skills within a team,
  • Problem-solving skills, 
  • and their ability to effectively manage stress and resolve conflicts.

By taking this holistic approach to the overall hiring process, we are able to find the team members best suited to work with our clients.

Successful Onboarding

Once we select a new hire, we know the hiring process doesn’t stop on the first day of employment. In order for new employees to succeed in meeting the needs of our clients, we need to continue investing in our employees. This process starts right away by following an onboarding plan for each new hire. We encourage open communication with our employees and actively engage with new hires early on, encouraging them to feel part of the team as quickly as possible. We convey our corporate mission to new hires, as well as our goals and expectations. As we increase our own levels of productivity more effectively through the process of active onboarding, it enables us to increase our level of service to clients. 

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