Understanding MSPs: The Big Picture

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Managed services are about more than fixed-fee contracts and 24×7 support, and if your current MSP (Managed Services Provider) doesn’t agree, you need to move on. The fact is: You need to partner with a quality provider who will offer first-in-class tech support and help you take a proactive approach to save time and money while maximizing results. Read on…

Howdy Partner

Your IT infrastructure is a valuable asset that keeps your business afloat while providing employees with the tools they need to succeed. Often, technology management providers will try to sell you managed service plans that pay little attention to your most important needs. If an MSP is going to succeed in becoming an extension of your staff, they first need to take the time to understand how your business uses technology in the first place.

Becoming a valued partner is the most important piece of success when it comes to effectively managing a company’s technology assets. Building trust requires dedication and steadfastness, with a focus on providing quantifiable results. Clear communication with an organization’s managers and employees, along with proactive attention to potential computer-related issues needs to serve as the backbone of creating an honest partnership between the managed services provider and client.

In the MSP Know

The better we know each other, the better we can become important in each other’s lives. Managed services are about providing relevant tech support that matters. We understand that many organizations do not have the resources to hire in-house IT staff, and that is why it is important for us to take the time to build trust and provide results.

We need our clients to know our worth and want them to see us as an extension of their business. 


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The Impact Of Automation On Managed Services

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As technology evolves, the demand for automation of IT services to promote efficiency in operations is increasing steadily.

Since Managed Service Providers (MSPs) interact with current trends in technology regularly, they need to adapt to such changes to remain afloat. Striking a balance between cost, accuracy, and time when resolving incidences is critical for all MSPs and that is only possible through the automation of IT infrastructure and services.

IT Process Automation (ITPA) yields a significant impact on managed services and here is what MSPs can expect.

Managed Control

The notion that automation will deny management the opportunity to remain in control is not true. On the contrary, automating IT processes promotes managed control to allow managers to make decisions at various levels of the workflow. This is possible by deploying human checkpoints that access real-time information on different procedures through IM, phone, SMS, or mail.

The implication, in this case, is that process owners assume the responsibility of taking necessary action for the process to continue. Hence, they remain in control of all operations.

Enhances Cloud Transition

Cloud services are improving the way businesses operate, and for that reason, most companies are considering transitioning from conventional setups. The challenge is that this process can prove complex for some enterprises and that can affect their service delivery. By embracing ITPA as an MSP, you can overcome some of these difficulties. As a result, you will experience a seamless cloud transition and enhanced relationships with your clients.

Automation Promotes Customization

The focus of most entrepreneurs is understanding how they can align automation of their operations with their business requirements. Therefore, MSPs should ensure that this is part of their considerations in their service provision. ITPA allows you to automate workflows for common IT functions and create custom applications for complex procedures in line with specific business operations.

As a result, that will encourage profitability and maximum use of available resources since the emphasis is on core processes of the company. If you need more information on the impact of automation on managed services, contact us today!

Are You Thinking About Using A New MSP?

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You are aware that you need some help with your business’s network and technology. You have already reached out to professional Managed Services Providers (MSPs) and had your first consultation. Now, you are hoping to find a solution that will put your business on the path to greatness. You are also probably looking for advice on how you can run your current technology more effectively and efficiently.

An MSP can help solve the problems you are having. However, in order for you to receive a positive outcome, you should take the necessary time to prepare for a relationship with a new Managed Services Provider. Working with an MSP will become one of your business’s latest investments. You want to make a great investment, right? You should take some time to gain a better understanding of your technology.

Preparing for Transition

If you are thinking about using a new MSP then this likely means you are already aware that your business needs to make improvements. You probably also have an understanding of where the concerns are. When you are able to give the Managed Services Provider a clear context of your business and its concerns, they will be able to use their professionalism and experience to determine what problems need to be addressed first. This is why it is essential that you are able to provide a list of problems you are having with your technology and your networks.

While it is important that you have an understanding of your network and your technology, it is also important that you are able to explain what direction you want your business to go. Some businesses are only concerned with ensuring their computers are operating well enough to get the job done. However, your technology can offer more than you may be using it for.

Technology should be used as an essential and strategic business tool. With the right managed services solution, you will be able to give yourself a great advantage over the competition. Are you ready for your business technology and networks to take your business to the next level?

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Tips For Picking a Managed Services Provider

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Your business is doing well. It has grown and continues to grow. Your system isn’t working quite as smoothly as you like and the amount of investment is expanding at the same or faster rate than your revenue. You’ve experienced a few minor outages and realize that if you have a more significant disruption, it will impact you negatively. Perhaps it’s time to get some outside help. Who do you turn to and how do you make that decision?

Turn to a Managed Services Provider

Managed service providers for IT are firms that specialize in helping small businesses get the most from their IT investments. They do this by providing expert coverage and support for your network, computers, applications, and security environment.

MSPs provide trained and qualified staff to augment your team in the crucial areas where you need support. They can provide consulting analysis of your current environment and then make recommendations for upgrades and improvements that will be cost-effective for you.

MSPs can negotiate with vendors from a position of knowledge because they know the industry and the best pricing structures saving you time and money in the acquisition of hardware and applications. They can determine if your business is a candidate to use cloud computing and reduce or eliminate the capital expenses for equipment. Using cloud computing also allows you to give up the headaches of server maintenance, take advantage of subscription model pricing for applications, and increase your security profile by ensuring that all of your hardware gets essential security updates automatically.

Your team deserves the time and systems to execute their work without interruption. A managed service provider can ascertain what the causes are and which solutions will work best for you. With 24-hour monitoring, they will see potential problems and fix them before you know they exist.

Bluwater Technologies

In the Fort Lauderdale area, Bluwater Technologies is the leading MSP for small to medium-sized businesses. Our staff is dedicated and experienced in all areas of system support and maintenance. We manage your network, desktops, mobile devices, and security updates to help you plan your future IT growth.

While we serve businesses of all types, we have specialized knowledge in the areas of Health Care and Law Firms which we can also apply in other areas. We can do as much or as little to assist you as you need. We have a variety of plans and services for you to pick from. They can reduce your team’s workload and keep them performing the tasks they love.

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Reasons to Engage a Professional for IT Managed Services

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Having quality technology infrastructure in place is very important for businesses of all sizes. Unfortunately, the constant changes in technology can make it hard for the average business to keep up. For those that would like to have a quality IT system in place at all times, hiring a professional third-party IT managed services provider could be very beneficial.

A managed service provider can provide you with a range of different services that could be very beneficial for your business.


One of the first things that an IT-managed services provider will be able to do for you is implement a new IT system. The managed services provider will be able to work with you to first understand your data and network needs. They will then be able to help you establish a cloud-based or traditional network that is convenient for all people in your organization. They will also be able to utilize the most advanced data security systems today. Thus, helping to protect your business and customer data.

Professional IT Management

Once you have had your network and systems established, the managed services provider will next be able to provide you with ongoing management and support. The company will be able to provide you with all the necessary services. Ensuring that your network and systems are functional and secure. This will include regularly reviewing your systems for evidence of data and security hacks. Additionally, it will include finding ways to improve your existing systems.

An IT-managed services provider can also provide you with traditional help desk support. This will help to ensure that your computers and network systems are up and running. This can help to make your business as efficient as possible.

If you are in need of IT support, you should contact us to learn more about how our services can help you.